What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to our moment-to-moment experience with curiosity, openness and acceptance. This approach to life can help move us into a more deeply engaged and connected experience of ourselves, others and the world.
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Mindfulness-based Stress Management
and Resiliency Techniques (SMART):
8-week Renewal Program


This program teaches us how to PAUSE and respond from a place of wisdom and appropriateness. Meditative practices and discussions on stress, reactivity, emotions, anger, forgiveness and compassion help to create a foundation for your practice.
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Mindfulness in Nature:
Private Sessions

$65 / 1 hour session
$20 per additional person

These individual sessions support those who want to practice becoming more present.   We will be focused on the walking meditation;  developing personal awareness and body awareness through simple exercises. We will be working with a sense of ‘beginner’s mind’ and open curiosity as to how we are in the world, as well as, tuning into the body’s sense of experiencing it’s internal and external landscapes.
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Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

These sessions will include short discussion topics on mindfulness and a variety of meditation practices that can help deepen your commitment to a clearer mind, a more open heart, and ability to stay present. Learn more…